New solo album – ØCRE – Filipe Raposo

ØCRE (Ochre) belongs to a trilogy of albums that results from an artistic reflection on the influence of three colours in art: red, black and white. This ternary system of colours represents since Classical Antiquity a symbolic role which is present practically in all cultures.

When perceiving colours and their symbolism – represented from painting to cinema, from literature to theatre – we are also able to realize our own humanity. ‘From where we come and to where we go’ is one of our fundamental questions, one of our major concerns; therefore in this trilogy of albums, colour and music become closely linked to my artistic-symbolic universe.

We are attracted by colour, shape, texture, harmony of a certain piece of art, which means that we were first captivated by the work itself, and only then we consider its essence and value.

As a musician, my aim is to awaken that kind of interest in the listener through the sounds I hear and use in my compositions, whether in the organization of a precompositional chaos or in the subversion of a ‘supposed’ expected order. Above all, composing or being in front of the piano implies knowing how to listen to the past, being attentive to the first manifestation of existing art, going back historically, in order to remain the link to that first feat which raised us from the animal condition and placed us in the condition of gods.

Through art we discover how to represent our myths, making them visible and palpable.
Today, I hope that part of the myths that has shaped us can be experienced by those who listen to this album — ØCRE — the pigment which has been present since the birth of art, in the first pictorial and sculptural representations — gains here a sound dimension.

Filipe Raposo

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ØCRE is available for delivery by post. Please send your order to



CAPA DIGITAL_low_Filipe Raposo

fotografia: António Marinho da Silva


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