Master in Piano Jazz Performance by Royal College of Music (Stockholm), and Bachelor degree in Classical Composition by Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa.
Filipe Raposo was born in Lisbon in 1979.
His grandmother’s piano was his favourite toy since he was little, and religious music choir gave an impulse to start piano studies at the age of eleven. A quick music development led him to discover improvisation on his own, and during his classical training as a pianist he soon became interested in jazz, improvised music and fado.
Since 2001 he works as a composer, arranger and pianist with many of the leading names in Portuguese music and film. He collaborates regularly with the major song-writers of the Portuguese Revolution of 1974 (José Mário Branco, Fausto, Sergio Godinho) and other relevant authors of contemporary vocal music. He also maintains a close relation with some of the most prominent names of the international fado scene such as Joana Amendoeira, Carminho and Camané, and plays in several jazz projects (Yuri Daniel, ToraTora BigBand, Johannes Krieger).
Furthermore, he accompanies silent movies in Portuguese Cinemateca in Lisbon.
In 2013 wrote an original composition for the Nobel Prize of Phisics – Exhibition at Nobel Prize Museum – Stockholm.
Aiming to develop his own language, where classical, folk and jazz meet, he constantly seeks new challenges as a composer and musician.
(First Falls) (2012), his first album as a leader, reveals a wide range of influences, unified by improvisation. Being awarded the prestigious Amália’s Fundation Prize, it is the confirmation of a young magnificent composer in dialogue with exceptional musicians.
The following record, A Hundred Silent Ways (2013), is a solo work that reflects the maturity and freshness of Raposo as a composer and performer, being widely praised by the critics and his own peers.

– First Falls (2011) – Trio –  Amalia Rodrigues foundation Prize.
– A Hundred Silent Ways (2013) – Solo Album
– Inquiétude (2015) – Quartet


Filipe Raposo nasceu em Lisboa 1979.
Mestrado em piano jazz performance pelo Royal College of Music – Estocolmo.
Licenciatura em Composição pela Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa.
Desde 2004 que trabalha como pianista / compositor / orquestrador com muitos nomes da música e do cinema Português. (José Mário Branco, Fausto, Sérgio Godinho, Vitorino, Janita Salomé, Amélia Muge, Sara Tavares, Mafalda Veiga, Camané, Carminho…).
Em 2013 participou na exposição Fashion Inovation 3 – Museu do prémio Nobel – Estocolmo – com a composição ” I have in me all the dreams of the world” para o prémio Nobel da Física.
Trabalha regularmente com a Cinemateca Portuguesa sendo pianista residente.

Em nome próprio editou 3 discos:
– First Falls (2011) – Prémio artísta revelação Fundação Amália
– A Hundred Silent Ways (2013) – Disco a Solo
– Inquiétude (2015)

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