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“A debut of Filipe Raposo is so powerful, that he enters directly to the gallery of the remarkables, somewhere in between jazz and classical. It is poetry without words.”

Rodrigo Amado, in Público


First Falls along with Things About by Carlos Bica is one of the greatest albums released in Portugal in 2011.”

Luís Filipe Rodrigues, in Time Out Lisboa



Luís Filipe Rodrigues, in Time Out Lisboa “With First Falls Filipe Raposo declares himself as a sensitive interpreter, able to play with a great emotion managing to assemble all the influences of his musical personality.”

Raul Vaz Bernardo, in Expresso


“This performance was a marvellous revelation for some, while for the others – a confirmation of a magnificent composer and a leader, playing in the dialogue with excepcional musicians.”

Miguel Lobo Antunes, Culturgest


“Pianist Filipe Raposo just released his remarkable first CD “First Falls” and his trio with Carlos Bica and drummer Carlos Miguel was one of the highlights of the festival. His music is characterized by strong melodies. Sometimes he’s adapting compositions from Bach or Schubert he works them out that they fit in his own soundscape which is influenced by tradition and contemporary music. With Bica and Miguel he had a dream team, real poetry in motion!”

São Luiz Jazz Festival